oil price forecast

Canada's oil industry insists things will pick up. Not everyone agrees.
The shift to driverless cars and ride-hailing poses a real threat to the oil and auto industries, but creates new opportunities as well.
Saudi Arabia is scrambling to move away from oil.
The Paris-based organization, which represents the world's major oil-consuming nations, said Friday however that the recovery
What was a normal oil price two years ago won't be seen again for a quarter century.
Goldman Sachs says $20 oil may be necessary.
Canadian house prices would drop 26 per cent on average if oil fell to $35 a barrel and stayed there for five years, says
CALGARY — The latest outlook from the International Energy Agency shows little sign that the oil supply glut hitting prices
The global oversupply of oil is worse than expected and it could take oil prices as low as $20 U.S. to clear the glut, investment
The report by Patricia Mohr, a vice-president and commodity market specialist at Scotiabank, says crude prices are expected