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U.S. banks and pension funds may pull out of the oilsands, but it's hard to see local institutions doing the same.
Environmental groups' pressure campaign on banks is beginning to pay off.
A perfect storm of events has Canadian oil trading at its deepest discount in four years.
Instead of trying to diversify Alberta's economy according to the global markets of the 21st century, Mr. Kenney is trying to find a scapegoat.
Low prices and U.S competition are forcing the oilsands to retrench.
But many workers can expect to take a pay cut.
It seems as if things are starting to turn around for the Canadian province.
Canada's oil industry insists things will pick up. Not everyone agrees.
The shift to driverless cars and ride-hailing poses a real threat to the oil and auto industries, but creates new opportunities as well.
McKibben urged Trudeau’s gushing fans to “stop swooning” over the prime minister, whom he called a “disaster for the planet.”