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Olivia Chow

Liberals have taken previous NDP and Conservative strongholds across the city.
Watching Liberal incumbent Adam Vaughan move from door to door, signs stacked under his arm, his choices seem counterintuitive. He's going up to homes that already have NDP candidate Olivia Chow's name attached to the front fence.
Olivia Chow and Adam Vaughan are sniping at each other's records in race to represent progressive battleground.
A tweet from Thomas Mulcair marked the fourth anniversary of Layton's death on Saturday.
"Canadians are ready for change," she said.
Chow says she was bothered by Bill C-51.
In the 2014 municipal election, I should have voted for Olivia Chow. I voted for John Tory and that was a mistake.Citizens like me and many others made him look smart, progressive and moderate. Sadly, he is not. Essentially, we became the human face of a man whose ideals are wrong for Toronto and Torontonians. We should have known better. I voted for Tory but I certainly did not endorse a second-class citizenship for myself. Why is he endorsing public policies that Torontonians, for the most part, do not want? Why are we, our fellow black and brown citizens, allowed to be treated in such a way?
he Toronto Police Services board approved and endorsed a policy of racial profiling -- carding -- to keep track of residents who look like me last night. From now onward, any Toronto Police officer can arbitrarily stop me without informing me of my rights, when no specific offence has not been committed and I am not considered a suspect. If refusing to reappoint Councillor Michael Thompson, the lone black member of the Toronto Police board, was not enough, Mayor John Tory voted to endorse the carding policy. I am disappointed and we should all be outraged.
TORONTO - Former MP and Toronto mayoral candidate Olivia Chow has taken a teaching job at Ryerson University. The university
After finishing third in the Toronto mayoral race that once seemed hers to win, Olivia Chow told reporters she needed to