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Olivia Chow

These new young Toronto elites are very pro business and pro downtown Toronto development. They love Porter Air for business and pleasure. And they don't like to pay a lot of taxes. They certainly don't want their hard-earned salaries supporting feather-bedding unionists, with jobs for life at City Hall and unlimited pensions.
Toronto is a rapidly growing city, one facing pressures on infrastructure, concerns about congestion of cars on roads, and the need for better mass transit. Toronto is a city beset by economic inequality. These are all issues that need to be seriously dealt with, not sidelined by the distractions of a mayor clearly unfit for office.
Toronto MP Olivia Chow, who is considering a run for mayor in 2014, has weighed in on the scandal that has engulfed Canada's
The week Jack died, I watched in awe as Torontonians came together to share their love for Jack. Our famously cold, unfriendly city began to bare its soul in chalk messages written all over Nathan Phillips Square. When thunderstorms washed away the chalk, the people came back and filled the square with writing all over again. I have rarely seen something more beautiful than that.
I predict that Mayor Ford would be more than happy to do as Justin Trudeau has recommended and post his office budget and expenses. Although Mayor Ford represents about 23 times the voters, spread over 25 times the area, as Olivia Chow, his budget is only 4.43 times greater than her total expenses.
As reported on Sunday, in the Toronto Star, Mayor Rob Ford will be a formidable candidate for re-election in the 2014 Toronto
Toronto might not be rid of Rob Ford for some time -- that is, it somehow seems more likely now that he could be re-elected in October 2014. Judging by radio call-in shows over the last week and a bit, the mayor has his fair share of supporters out there -- still, amazingly, even after everything. Some of them are delusional for sure -- the popular argument from the pro-Ford ranks that what the mayor does on his own time, even if it's crack cocaine, shouldn't matter is completely, utterly, stupid -- but there are a lot of people who still buy into his just a regular guy fighting for regular people like me shtick.
Olivia Chow said she is "considering" a run for mayor of Toronto on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight on Wednesday night. The
It's been two years since the death of former NDP leader Jack Layton, but the Canadian public is still fascinated by his
Diana Alli is one of the many distinguished Canadians being honoured with the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal this year. She shares her unique experience as an immigrant and shares the many volunteer work she is pursing now that she has retired from the University of Toronto after four decades.