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Olivia Chow

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The 2014 Toronto election drew out the voters in mass numbers, seen in the lines at polling stations, pushing the voter turnout
More than two years worth of polling data from Forum Research paints a telling portrait of the Toronto mayoral campaign. Polls
John Tory will be the next mayor of Canada's largest city after winning the Toronto municipal election. Tory, a former telecommunications
A day before the city’s municipal election, the Toronto Sun sparked controversy by publishing an editorial cartoon of mayoral
The city we love is at stake, and one wonders if our city ever dreamed we would arrive at such a critically defining moment
A new poll suggests John Tory has regained a firm lead over Doug Ford in the race to become Toronto's next mayor while one
At City Hall, members of council and staff have done their utmost to fill the leadership vacuum. Toronto's non-partisan system, while messy, has allowed its city government to deliver with little disruption. Council and the City's senior management found equilibrium on a wide range of issues from transit to housing to electoral reform.
Olivia Chow's blistering response to a racially-charged question at a recent debate, which some have suggested was her finest
Like Us On Facebook This is not the first time May has weighed in on Toronto politics. In January, she rose in question period