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Olivia Chow

The Yonge-University-Spadina (YUS) subway line carries 34 per cent fewer passengers during rush hour than its design capacity
A new poll suggests Doug Ford is gaining on John Tory in the race to become Toronto's next mayor. But the survey, released
When Chow spoke of how government is the answers to all ills in society, wrongly, and Tory, whom I also respect and have endorsed previously, sang Motown to the large black audience - it was Goldkind who spoke of practical things and reflected how black doctors, lawyers, accountants should be the role models instead of basketball players.
Unlike the past, when professionals led transport planning in Toronto, transport planning today has become the exclusive purview of poorly informed politicians. To have any chance of addressing gridlock, transit planning has to start with professionals who actually understand real needs and alternative solutions before political choices are made.
You don't often see Olivia Chow get angry, but that's exactly what happened Wednesday night after she received a question
While protests for greater democratic rights continue in Hong Kong, some fear there could be a crackdown similar to what occurred in Tiananmen Square in 1989. Below is a list of the MPs who made reference to Tiananmen on or around June 4 during the past 15 years.
And even Mark Towhey, the former chief of staff to Rob Ford who played a key role in getting him elected in 2010, offered
Chow has dangerously slipped too fast and too far in polling for a miraculous rebound in such a scant time frame. Voters are gridlocked, stranded and unapologetic in demanding expedited change from Day 1. Chow's ideas are too late, too small and too old school for this electorate. She may very well be a good-hearted, industrious politician but her efforts as a pioneer and consensus builder leave little to be lauded.
Public transit alone will not solve our congestion problems or improve the health of our cities. Here then is a selection of transit solutions NOT making headlines in Toronto's municipal elections.
Confused about how a man notorious for losing elections ended up with a massive lead in the Toronto mayoral race? Look no