Omnibus Crime Bill

The Ontario government should not be afraid to resist Harper's misguided crime agenda. Instead of selling out another generation for political expediency, Ontario should commit the crime that Harper fears the most: sociology.
TORONTO - A small group of people might be harmed by mandatory minimum sentences for gun crimes, but Parliament is entitled
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TORONTO - The coming year could bring some clarity to the murky legal waters of the federal Conservatives' law-and-order
Should we challenge mental health experts? Challenge the justice system on the grounds that we do not agree with a single, solitary verdict? On the grounds that the crime is particularly horrendous? Should we accept that a government is using a single, solitary court decision that it disagrees with and that causes public outcry to change the laws?
We live in a world that is sadly uninformed. A world where real issues are ignored simply, because the public likes to place anger on people who don't deserve it, while they continue to be ignorant on issues of grave societal importance.
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TORONTO - An Ontario judge has declared another plank of the Conservative government's 2008 omnibus crime bill unconstitutional