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OTTAWA — The federal privacy czar says there are instances when police may not need a warrant to obtain "very limited sets
Canada’s electronic spy agency collects millions of emails from Canadians and stores them for “days to months” while trying
The Harper government's anti-terrorism legislation is so vague it leaves open the door to the sharing of Canadians' information for any reason whatsoever, and the possibility of intelligence services investigating political activists.
A growing number of Canadians say they are concerned about privacy, according to a new survey commissioned by the federal
Like an overwhelming number of Canadians, you said -- publicly -- that you didn't want to grant telecom providers immunity for handing over our sensitive private information to government without a warrant. But then at the last minute something changed. You voted for the Bill in Parliament, and I don't mind telling you that was a huge disappointment. I also can't help but detect a hint of shame in the blog post that you wrote explaining why you turned around and supported the Bill after speaking out so vociferously against it.
OTTAWA - An internal government memo says the RCMP has abandoned some cases following a landmark Supreme Court ruling that
Privacy Commissioner Daniel Therrien warned senators today that the increased police powers proposed in the government's
Canada’s privacy watchdog says it wasn’t able to determine whether the RCMP’s warrantless access requests for subscriber
Fewer than one in four Canadians support expanding the ability of law enforcement to access information about individuals
TORONTO - Telus Corp.'s first "transparency" report reveals that the Vancouver-based telecom company received about 103,500