Ontario Economy

The government is also giving seniors a tax credit for renovations to make their homes safer.
The $14-an-hour minimum wage didn't derail Ontario's job market, but for young workers, things are tougher out there.
The province could eliminate a deficit next year.
It won't be the oil producers, that's for sure.
The province is back to where it was 2014. And that's good.
"Everybody from the premier of the province, down to the old fellas at Tim Hortons, have all welcomed the Amish when they visited."
LONDON, Ont. -- A new forecast by Export Development Canada predicts Ontario will see broad-based gains in exports this year
MONTREAL - National Bank of Canada expects economic conditions will improve this year in Central Canada as consumers get
OTTAWA - Inside his humming facility on the outskirts of Ottawa, Mark Perry's operation pumps out specialized plastic products
TORONTO - Falling oil prices will shift the balance of power among Canada's provinces this year, with Alberta expected to