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ontario election 2014

When people outside Queen’s Park talk of Premier Kathleen Wynne, they often use the word “real” to describe her. The political
Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne was evidently unmoved by arguments made in this month's election to trim the size of her cabinet
The provincial election in Ontario last week saw the highest-ever number of voters choose "none of the above," according
Naturally, candidates draft campaign platforms to suit likely voters. My concern lies in the potential effect of removing these groups from the conversation altogether. If young people do not see their views, priorities or issues emerging in campaign conversation, this will add a significant barrier to the already daunting task of engaging youth participation.
Maybe the paper spent all its time prepping for a Hudak victory and was forced to plagiarize itself in a mad rush to get
With her victory Thursday night, Kathleen Wynne became the first openly gay premier elected in Canadian history. Yet, as
Earlier this week, on CTV news, I predicted that two political parties would be looking for new leaders if the Ontario Liberals prevailed. Election day had yet to expire when Tim Hudak announced he would be stepping down, fulfilling half of my proposition. What I didn't say, but had meant to, was that defeating the party of Dalton McGuinty should be effortless, and that any leader unable to pull the thing off must be regarded as unfit. Never in my recollection has Ontario suffered a regime so deserving of a rude dismissal, and yet here we are, and here they are too, nothing having been altered by an election that may as well never have happened.
The PC leader, who signalled his intent to resign last night after falling to Kathleen Wynne's Liberals, had campaigned heavily
Doug Ford thinks he knows the cure for what ails the Ontario Progressive Conservatives and won't rule out making a run at
CBC host Robert Fisher raised many eyebrows Thursday night with his choice of words about re-elected Ontario Premier Kathleen