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Ontario Health

Ontarians can give feedback on the government's proposal for online renewal until June 5.
Only 44% of residents can get a same-day or next-day appointment.
Health Minister Eric Hoskins is defending the Ontario government's decision to eliminate 50 medical residency positions when hundreds of thousands of people don't have a family doctor.
TORONTO - Three-thousand striking community health workers will return to work on Tuesday after the two sides agreed to arbitration
Ontario's record in improving services for those with mental illness and, in particular, those with the most serious of illnesses is totally reprehensible. And no amount of government committees can change any of that if all they do is meet, listen and ignore.
We failed. Active Healthy Kids Canada put out their annual report card, and as a nation, we failed. We need to accept that we have failed. Once we accept it, we now need to decide to get back to living a life built on a desire to be healthy.
We need leaders who will rise to the challenge of protecting and improving medicare, not shirk their responsibilities. Prime Minister Harper, you are needed back at the table for a 2014 Health Accord. Canadians have real expectations of you, not just to cut cheques -- and increasingly smaller cheques at that -- but to lead Canada on health care. Your absence will hurt the health of Canadians.
Hip and knee replacements constitute a billion dollar industry. But why is it that we don't monitor the quality of our goods the same way the automotive industry does? Canada needs to adopt a series of measures to maintain records, and improve not only product quality, but customer satisfaction as well.
TORONTO - Caesarean sections could be one of the services delisted from medicare by the Ontario government as it looks to
Ontario's Liberal government will make it clear to voters that it's the federal Conservatives who are forcing cuts to health