Ontario PC

The poor PC performance could be a warning sign, a professor says.
MPP John Vanthof is the only NDP critic in Ontario's legislature who has to oppose his own uncle, Minister Ernie Hardeman.
Jeff Yurek said his party has been “silent” on climate change and has failed to come up with ideas to fight it.
The Ontario government says it’s redesigning its widely-panned autism program — but in the meantime, the old one is still in place.
Legal Aid Ontario says the targeted cuts were necessary to preserve services in the North and rural areas.
Unless the federal government steps in, refugee claimants will have to attend their hearings without representation.
The schedule will make it virtually impossible to sue the government, lawyers say.
The premier’s PC party would come in third place if an election was held today.
Six previously licensed sites weren't approved under the province's new model.
He said his former colleagues are committing "more egregious acts" than the Liberals did.