Ontario Politics

Taking neighbourhood into account would save 10 per cent more lives, scientists say.
Longtime representative David Sweet said he knows he’s breaking with his party.
Andrea Horwath was trying to ask about COVID-19 restrictions.
Modelling shows cases and deaths are likely to rise — and it’s all because of the U.K. variant, officials said.
The province had set itself a deadline of Feb. 10 to vaccinate all residents in long-term care homes.
The break will now happen the week of April 12.
“Conflict of interest does not disappear. Doug Ford owes those people.”
The NHL is submitting a list of restaurants, bars and gyms it wants to use.
One union says its nurse was asked to inoculate board member, family and friends of management at a nursing home.
The state of emergency declared in January will be allowed to expire as scheduled, Doug Ford announced.