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Andrea Horwath was trying to ask about COVID-19 restrictions.
Modelling shows cases and deaths are likely to rise — and it’s all because of the U.K. variant, officials said.
The province had set itself a deadline of Feb. 10 to vaccinate all residents in long-term care homes.
The break will now happen the week of April 12.
“Conflict of interest does not disappear. Doug Ford owes those people.”
The NHL is submitting a list of restaurants, bars and gyms it wants to use.
One union says its nurse was asked to inoculate board member, family and friends of management at a nursing home.
The state of emergency declared in January will be allowed to expire as scheduled, Doug Ford announced.
The Montreal facility where COVID-19 vaccines could be produced is still under construction.
Students in COVID-19 hot spots like Waterloo Region, Windsor and the GTA, are still learning remotely.