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Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne

A deal requires the consent of seven of the 10 provinces with two-thirds of Canada's population.
In times of restraint like these, Health Minister Hoskins and Premier Wynne need to stop spending money on organizations like LHINs that have served no useful purpose for the general public in over 10 years of existence. The funds need to be re-dedicated to front-line health care so that we can address the growing needs of the populace.
I want you to see the 'real' me -- a man who has been running his entire life, a man who has travelled so far, only to come back to himself. My name is Jean-Paul, and I am a survivor of sexual violence, but I am so much more than that. I am a husband. I am a father. I am a writer. I am an elite athlete. I am an advocate for survivors all around the world.
The provincial government spent nearly $500-million to buy labour peace with school teachers in 2013. That figure comes in
Does Ontario's Minister of Energy Bob Chiarelli understand how electricity markets work? Or is he deliberately sabotaging negotiations with Quebec to justify Ontario spending billions on nuclear power?Nuclear power is a bad choice for our financial future. Nuclear power is a bad choice for our energy future. It's time for the Liberals to wake up from their nuclear dream, and get down to the business of providing Ontario with safe, secure, and affordable electricity.
As the Ontario election campaign comes to a close, it's time to learn a little more about the people who are vying for votes
As an evangelical Christian, I would vote for Wynne, evaluating her on her policies and abilities, not her sexual orientation. I believe God loves Wynne, just like God loves all people, no matter race, creed, colour or sexual orientation.