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Bell Canada’s takeover of entertainment company Astral Media could mean higher prices for cable and wireless and fewer options
Imagine a world where you could receive a fine, and possibly be dragged before a judge, just for clicking on the wrong link, or where big media companies could demand your private online information. Here in Canada, our government looked at giving this kind of control to big media, yet the public opposition led them to decide against it.
Canadians would see Internet freedoms curtailed under the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) currently being negotiated among
Canadians’ online surfing habits could be an open book for both the U.S. and Canadian governments if several pieces of legislation
Law enforcement officials around the country are misusing taxpayers’ money lobbying for “lawful access” laws that would give
It's not exactly Canada’s very own Patriot Act, but a Harper government amendment to the country's privacy law has some experts
Has Stephen Harper’s government had a change of heart about introducing new online surveillance laws? Or are they just biding
More than eight in 10 Canadians oppose giving government the power to access Internet usage data without a warrant, a fact