B.C.'s provincial health officer called for decriminalization of small drug possessions in 2019.
The pull of opioid addiction is strong, but my will to stay present for those I care about is stronger.
A regulated supply of opioid and stimulant drugs is not just a solution to the crisis, but also a human right.
Agencies from Sault Ste. Marie to Brantford are laying off workers as the number of kids who need care mounts.
"The reality is that these aren't documented anywhere and that's incredibly concerning."
Experts are also advocating for the decriminalization of some types of opioid possession.
It could be a risk factor for problematic substance use later in life.
Providing users with a regulated supply of opioids as an alternative to toxic drugs sold on the black market will save lives.
As the opioid epidemic rages on, some have found friendship, protection and a sense of purpose in an unlikely place.
The drop could have a broader national impact, too.