orlando shooting

Defendants "knowingly and recklessly" gave ISIS a platform for recruiting, lawsuit alleges.
Conservative Muslim leaders often claim that the Islamic position on homosexuality is clear and immutable. They exaggerate
Hermeneutical gymnastics that equate LGBT Muslims with Lot's people and which downplay the legitimate human need for affection, intimacy and companionship as mere urges and whims are instigated by a deep-rooted heterosexism. The same prejudice allows placing the prohibition of homosexuality on par with the six articles of faith and the five pillars of Islam.
They were selling $5 tickets to win an AR-15 rifle.
That title may be a little deceiving so I'll elaborate on it for a bit and then maybe you'll understand where I'm coming
Democrats, some draped in blankets and toting pillows, carried their remarkable House floor sit-in past daybreak Thursday.
The solution to ending the senseless violence that continues to rock the U.S. is a simple one; a nation-wide ban on assault rifles. Period. I completely appreciate why some people are protective of the right to own a firearm.... Again, I grew up around firearms and in no way am I anti-gun. But... these are weapons that have no place in an otherwise safe and civil society.
In the aftermath of the Orlando gay bar shootings, mainstream Muslim organizations suddenly began to express solidarity with the LGBTQ community. Likewise, many LGBTQ Muslims across North America visibly asserted their voices.
This Ramadan we must be reminded that there are those who fast from intimacy and physical love all the time because they are gay and their circumstances or their mindset make it impossible for them to find and fall in love with a partner of the same gender. Muslim family -- we know this is not how life is supposed to be lived.
Orlando resurrected concerns about violence in the local community and the value of "safe spaces.''