ottawa shooting

He was lauded as a hero for helping to end the 2014 attack on Parliament Hill.
A defence spokesperson was unable to say why the review — seen as urgent in the aftermath of the Islamic State-inspired attacks — was taking so long.
Bob Paulson doesn't think Michael Zehaf Bibeau's breakdown was the main factor.
"I could die running or I could die buying my partners some time."
The Mounties continue to investigate several threads of what happened that day.
The national police force will make the presentations during a private Nov. 23 ceremony at RCMP headquarters.
History has shown us you may be able to bomb and kill your enemy -- but your enemies' ideas can never die. In fact, this could result in popularizing the ideas and harden its believers. Current Islamists extremists know this well, that is why they have developed a business model that is fuelled by reacting to the actions of the West. Bombs and air campaigns cannot stop the social phenomena that lead to the expansion of the Un-Islamic State; we need a sustained counter narrative to defeat this new form of terrorism. We need to show respect and vocalize how our diversity is our strength; fostering a narrative of inclusivity.
The corporal's son was only five years old when his father was killed.
As Canadians mark the one-year anniversary of the Ottawa shooting today, Muslim communities around the country will be sharing in the sorrow at the deaths of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo and Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent but will also be reminded of some of the ugly rhetoric that accompanied the tragedy and the unwelcome attention it drew to their faith.
OTTAWA — Gov. Gen. David Johnston rejects the notion that the country was fundamentally changed by the attacks that killed