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ottawa shooting

History has shown us you may be able to bomb and kill your enemy -- but your enemies' ideas can never die. In fact, this could result in popularizing the ideas and harden its believers. Current Islamists extremists know this well, that is why they have developed a business model that is fuelled by reacting to the actions of the West. Bombs and air campaigns cannot stop the social phenomena that lead to the expansion of the Un-Islamic State; we need a sustained counter narrative to defeat this new form of terrorism. We need to show respect and vocalize how our diversity is our strength; fostering a narrative of inclusivity.
The corporal's son was only five years old when his father was killed.
Undecided or Undeclared Senators, thanks to the campaign #StopC51, I know your names. And while there are simply too many of you to list, you know who you are. You may be wondering what caused this monumental shift in Canadian public opinion in just a few short months.
On January 30, a reporter asked Harper how newly-introduced anti-terror legislation will differentiate between somebody who is "radicalized" and "a teen who's just messing around in the basement." Harper answered by saying promoting terrorism is a serious offence no matter "what the age of the person is, or whether they're in a basement, or whether they're in a mosque or somewhere else." Harper's response to this question associates hundreds of mosques across the country with the promotion of terrorism and violence and is misguided for multiple reasons.
A federal Liberal candidate in Alberta has distanced himself from a tweet mocking Prime Minister Stephen Harper for reportedly
Kevin Vickers, the House of Commons sergeant-at-arms lauded as a hero for his role in stopping the gunman who attacked Parliament
But the fact that Trudeau did not explicitly call the attack a terrorist act evidently did not sit well with author, Sun
Justin Trudeau says he won't question the prime minister's decision to reportedly take cover in a closet during the shooting
Photo credit: THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld Said Chow: "I believe that everyone counts. No matter where we came from, what
Barbara Winters was headed to work that fateful October morning when she heard gunshots ring out at the National War Memorial