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Parents How-To

Here's a newsflash for anxious moms and dads: Research shows that every style of parenting causes children to grow into "profoundly
Puberty can be a challenging and complicated experience for any kid. But what if your child's physical and emotional maturation
My business world is that of picture books... reading, writing, reviewing and keeping tabs on what's hot and what's not. There
For many children, Halloween is one of the most anticipated days of the year. Not only do they get to dress up as ghouls
In the 2004 teen flick Mean Girls, there's a joke about teenage girls and Halloween. Lindsay Lohan's protagonist Cady makes
You're overworked. You're tired. Your kids are driving you nuts, your job is driving you nuts and you feel like you haven't
Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau has a motto in her household: the awkward conversation is way better than the silence. No, she isn't
I realize a lot of kids feel like parents are the last people they want to talk to when it comes to sex, but isn't that partly because parents are still so awkward and obviously embarrassed by it themselves?
Mothers compare parenting skills. It's what we do. We glance at the mom scolding her child at the grocery store and think, "SHE has clearly has lost control of this situation." But when it comes to close friends who understand our circumstances, we expect support, not judgment.
Is it naive for me to think that bell-curving doesn't happen at private schools? Perhaps. But at least I have control over the parent/teacher relationship, and I can call my daughters' teachers any time of the week. As a result, I know that an A grade was properly earned and that a C grade is no surprise.