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Being active in their children's lives is one goal most parents work hard at every day, and a new study suggests good news
A recent report has suggested that family "fun" is anything but, indicating that finding personal happiness through the act
Recently my eldest daughter, Stephanie, graduated from high school. Along with her high school leaving diploma, she received
Parents and kids are necessarily going to be at odds from time to time. But when power struggles between kids and parents become the norm and are making everyone miserable, it's time to switch things up and think about tossing the traditional rewards programs.
Kids and parents alike are white-knuckling it until that last day of school. But wait, not so fast! This is the perfect time to check-in with your kids so they can start to see the bigger picture.
For years, I thought my kids were like bananas -- one emotional bruise and the whole thing's ruined. Until finally, a snow boot was thrown at my head one time too many, and everything but the F-bomb came shooting out of my mouth "I can't stand it! You're driving me crazy!!!"
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