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paris attacks

Slowly, a mellow sadness overcame me. Maybe I'm not Je Suis Charlie. Maybe I'm Je Suis Sorry. I'm sorry we live in a world where young men (and a young woman too) were so angry and so radicalized that their actions were a viable option for them. Where not a single world leader had the humility to say sorry.
When three militants took hostages at two locations in and around Paris last week, the French government deployed its special
If you haven't read about this amazing young man, his name is Lassana Bathily. He is French and he is Muslim. While that horrific brutality was happening in the Kosher Market, he had the foresight to lead several people into the freezer area of the store, turning off the power so they wouldn't die in there.
We as a world need to understand and question exactly how a country's barometer for "freedom" is fair when the right of a Muslim woman to wear hijab is not sacrosanct but the publishing of hate cartoons is? Where anti-Semitism is a crime but anti-Muslim is not? I think France needs to examine closely what constitutes "freedom" for them or whether their intensity for secularism both historically and now is even at pace with the existing population of more than five million of their own Muslim residents or their rights.
An Ottawa satirical magazine has replaced its website’s banner with that of Charlie Hebdo, the French publication whose offices
In Toulouse But the demonstrations are not just in Paris. People have gathered all over France in moving displays of democratic