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parliament shooting

These were the infrequent and minor incidents recorded by the RCMP's parliamentary detachment as threats to the security
CBC has learned new details of Michael Zehaf-Bibeau's life in British Columbia that appear to challenge the picture of a
History tells us the worst laws are hastily made in the heat of crisis. It is far too easy to create greater police powers, while our civil liberties are eroded in the process. Speed can be a dangerous thing in this regard. It would be premature to enact laws when not all the facts are known.
"The source of that gun is of tremendous interest to us," said RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson yesterday, "and we will determine
Those who attack us want to be angry, to seek revenge. That's why they provoke us. Their command of the language of fear trumps yours and mine tenfold. They want this anger, this fear, to be our new normal. Fear isn't a stable state of being. A culture drenched in fear and violence begets more violence and fear. When an attack feels possible anywhere, fear becomes the ultimate weapon; in every instance, its threat proves more effective than its practice. We must not let them. This must never be normal.
OTTAWA -- A man was detained by police this morning not far from Stephen Harper as the prime minister stopped by the National
Confronted with the senselessness of this tragedy, and given how many details have yet to emerge, understanding the implications of this horrific act is difficult. But it seems clear that this is more than merely an issue of national security -- it is an issue of national identity. Rarely have Canadians so acutely felt a sense of collective loss. The easy thing to do is to respond to this tragedy with anger, rashness, and xenophobia. Already, some pundits have found a way to politicize these events -- to call for a barricading of public spaces, a reform of the gun registry, and a military presence on the Hill. All of these things may indeed be sorely needed. But they are beside the point.
I was in total disbelief and battled with even acknowledging that violence of this nature can even exist in Ottawa. I went to the bus stop like a mother hen to pick up my kids. I had both my kids with me at 4 p.m. and held them close. We waited anxiously for my husband to come home safe.
Ottawa Police confirmed Thursday morning one shooter was responsible in the attack on the nation’s capital that left one
Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, 24, a reservist from Hamilton, died a short time after the attack despite frantic efforts to revive