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The Manning Poll has little to do with either conservatism or liberalism. Its findings are the inevitable response to our government's growing inability to solve problems.
Our politicians tend to be older, whiter, more male, better educated and more 'white collar' than the average Canadian. So for those who would prefer a Parliament that better looks and feels more like Canada, the election of a few 20-something MPs is a good thing.
Parliament Hill is really the physical incarnation of our democracy, and our rights to feel a sense of ownership and to feel included in it are slipping away.
CBC The 41st session of Parliament kicks off Thursday -- exactly one month after the election -- with MPs making their choice
Gone are the days when Jack Layton could rush up to anyone with a microphone and shoot from the lip. Now that he's the Opposition leader, every word will be evaluated for its impact on the whole country.
It's Stephen Harper's day. As Canada's 41st Parliament opens in Ottawa today, the prime minister enjoys the first majority
CBC -- Prime Minister Stephen Harper said his Conservative party will work to keep earning the trust of Canadians and will
In Canada, we face a significant menace to our democracy. If I were prime minister, I would have to start by reducing my own powers.