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passover seder

Each year at Passover, I make a seder for my son Noah. We are both vegan and follow a plant-based diet because we love animals. How does it make sense to exploit and eat animals that have been oppressed and held captive for a holiday celebrating freedom?
Chag Sameach!
I thought about my own prayer life, which consisted almost exclusively of asking God for things. That wasn't a relationship. Passover reminded me that our spiritual journey isn't about "practicing religion" -- it's about living faith.
We make, serve and share organic food -- and as much locally grown and made as possible -- and we make sure to take everyone around our table into consideration: allergies, lifestyle, beliefs (in our home that means nut-free and plant-based, so thank goodness for quinoa!).
End your Seder with one of these five yummy Passover desserts. Chocolate Mousse Passover Cake Picture this: a rich, brownie
Easter and Passover usually land pretty close on the calendar, which makes sense considering Jesus' Last Supper happened to also be a Passover Seder. This also makes sense for my family because I was raised Jewish and my wife was raised Catholic and now we have a son who is, well... we dunno. Religion should be a personal choice, and eventually Emile will be able to make that choice himself without us having imposed upon him anything more than the cultural traditions from both sides of his family. In the meantime, E gets to celebrate "Eastover" and happily hunt for both Easter eggs and the Passover afikomen.
This year the first night of Passover Seder is Friday night, April 6th. And on this special and holy night, I want to encourage everyone who participates in a Seder to "gossip." C'mon rabbi! You know that it is a great sin to gossip, so why would you tell us to "gossip" on the night of the Seder?