Patrick Brazeau Senate

He compared it to being like a "rookie" hockey player.
The senator is back at work.
The Crown says it no longer believes there is a reasonable prospect to convict.
The alleged crime took place on April 3.
Brazeau said he didn't feel he had a good reason to live.
Beaulieu will rule on Brazeau's sentence in October.
The suspended senator, back in court after a six-week break in his criminal trial, is facing charges of assault and sexual
The Senate currently has no plan to recover any of the money it says it is owed by now-suspended senator Patrick Brazeau
Suspended Senator Patrick Brazeau faces a charge of impaired care or control of a motor vehicle after he was arrested by
Crown attorney Sylvain Petitclerc says Brazeau will be released Wednesday into the care of a rehabilitation facility in Sherbrooke