Paul Godfrey

Our media may not be reading off identical scripts quite yet, but we'd be fooling ourselves to think there isn't a problem.
A report recommends a new 'Future of Journalism and Democracy Fund.'
A report from the Public Policy Forum of Montreal released on January 26 says the Canadian news industry "is reaching a crisis point as the decline of traditional media, fragmentation of audiences and the rise of fake news pose a growing threat to the health of our democracy."
The company cut 15 positions at the Ottawa Citizen and Montreal Gazette this week.
CWA calls bonuses an "absolute disgrace."
Government spending on newspaper ads falls by half.
Buying the Sun newspapers didn't help much.
The war of words continues.
This year, Postmedia owes $25.9 million of long-term debt, and that figure jumps to a stunning $302.7-million in 2017.
Standard & Poor's analyst David Fisher said Postmedia's capital structure is "unsustainable."