Paul Martin

We should aspire to create an economy that includes and benefits everybody, especially those excluded for so long.
Three past prime ministers and prominent Liberal fundraisers were named.
"It was a situation that was not well handled by a succession of governments."
Since announcing this proposal former Ms. Leitch's opposing leadership candidates, interim Conservative Party leader Rona Ambrose and former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney have all condemned the policy. If we subscribe to Trudeau Sr's idea that there is no such thing as a model Canadian, that a society that emphasizes uniformity creates intolerance and hate how can we classify anything as "anti-Canadian"?
"The problem is the gross underfunding by the federal government."
It seemed like everyone in Ottawa knew Mike Robinson far better than I did. And yet, like everyone else, I had been touched by his healthy and warm personality in ways that were unusual in that city. His greatest gift to us all, important or, like me, less so, is the sense of goodness and fairness he left us in a world where cut and thrust are essential tools of the trade. He was good in every way that we could possibly imagine that word.
"They should leave the reserves without a decent education?"
June 6 is the date on which the ban on medical assistance in dying will be formally lifted in Canada.
"We are a generous people when we rise to an occasion of which we are aware."
He also congratulated Trudeau for his actions to rebuild the government's relationship with First Nations communities.