Pauline Marois

He served as the province's health minister in Pauline Marois' government.
Women made up nearly half of Canada's provincial and territorial leaders in 2013.
The mistake during last year's election campaign though, which everyone now recognizes, was to focus our message on identity issues like this one and the misguided barbaric practices snitch line proposal, instead of running on our excellent economic record. Yes, Canadians care about shared values and about these issues. But I would argue that they care a lot more about issues that impact their standard of living and quality of life. They care about whether our economy is strong enough to provide job opportunities. They care about having to pay twice as much as Americans for basic food like milk, eggs, butter and chicken.
Transport Minister Robert Poeti said Wednesday "the status quo was no longer possible," regarding his decision to let go
More than 400 people attended the wedding, billed as the social event of the year.
MONTREAL - An organizer for Pauline Marois' election effort in her Charlevoix riding has told the provincial corruption inquiry
QUEBEC - Pauline Marois bid a tearful goodbye to politics on Wednesday, saying she has no regrets and that Quebecers will
I watched the Quebec provincial election very closely even though I was in Europe during a major part of the course of the
But Pauline Marois lost the game to Philippe Couillard. By choosing to openly flaunt the card of an unwanted referendum and sovereign Quebec, she is caught in her own trap. And by inadvertently bringing to light the aspect of her privileged profile, she has fallen out among the province's populace.
But the media magnate​ may not be what’s needed for a party recovering from a devastating loss and searching for an identity