Pension Plan Investment Board

At a time when countries around the world are phasing out coal operations, the Investment Fund is holding billions of dollars in coal operations. Canada is far behind in meeting its carbon reduction obligations, and burning coal is the single greatest threat to our climate.
Returns well below the long-run average.
TORONTO — The CPP Fund had a small investment loss in its most recent quarter but the retirement fund's assets increased
CPP Investment Board executives say Antares Capital — part of the General Electric financial services arm GE Capital — has
TORONTO - The fund that manages investments for the Canada Pension Plan says it just had the best year in its history. The
TORONTO - How Barrick Gold Corp. pays its top executives is facing opposition from some of Canada's biggest investment managers
This week, the legislation that originally created the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) will turn 50 years old. The stated purpose of the Canada Pension Plan was to ensure all working Canadians have an opportunity to retire in dignity. It builds on basic Old Age Security to achieve greater social justice linked to progress in the economy. But Canada has big challenges to face in the immediate future if we're to honour Lester Pearson's ambition of a fair, efficient, adequate system of retirement income for all Canadians.
TORONTO - The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board is committing more than $1 billion to building two office towers in Australia
TORONTO - The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board has announced a joint venture partnership to develop a $1.56-billion, residential
TORONTO -- The value of the Canada Pension Plan fund rose to $152.8 billion during its fiscal third quarter on improved equity