pension plan

Here are tips for each decade of your life that will help you not only survive, but thrive, with your finances.
At a time when countries around the world are phasing out coal operations, the Investment Fund is holding billions of dollars in coal operations. Canada is far behind in meeting its carbon reduction obligations, and burning coal is the single greatest threat to our climate.
Take the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW), which recently reached a tentative agreement with Canada Post. Even though Canada Post faces a pension shortfall of $6.2 billion, all reports suggest that CUPW did not make any concessions on defined-benefit pensions.
"It will be better for people in the long run."
The Commons finance committee is holding an emergency meeting to discuss the plan.
Canada's trade deficit with the world swelled to a record level of $3.6 billion in June.
Canada's provincial and territorial leaders gather in Whitehorse to discuss trade, health, climate, and pensions.
Finance Minister Bill Morneau's office says the public will have its say later.
Canada Post said it plans to suspend the collective agreement as of Friday.
Virtually all other provinces support the deal.