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The Christie Mountain fire near Penticton is one of three burning.
"He was a gentleman. He did his job well," the mayor said.
A lone male suspect has turned himself in.
Sean McKenzie has been charged with first-degree murder.
How did that even happen?
The victim has been identified as Grade 1 student James McIntosh.
"I am sure there are some individuals that think I am nuts to give up a swimming pool."
Sadly, the civic mayhem isn't limited to staffing, it's cross-contaminated a few council chambers, sometimes making the Hatfield and McCoy feud seem like an episode of the Brady Bunch.
KEREMEOS, B.C. - Search-and-rescue crews were shocked when an Ontario couple missing for seven days walked out of the backcountry
City bureaucracies are a bit like junk drawers -- they need a good purging every once in a while.