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They are more of a policy performance measure than a true indicator of water security and well-being.
My region of Australia has been considered COVID-free for months. Meanwhile, my family in Canada faces a second wave.
It's hard to imagine the same outcome if Adam Skelly were a Black or brown restaurant owner.
My mother's dementia has become more difficult to manage as Canadians are told to limit social contact for safety's sake.
Americans' perception of government has suffered as its role shifted from caring about people to promoting dog-eat-dog capitalism.
I lost my uterus, but I found a better relationship with myself and my partner.
When the United States' reputation took a hit under Donald Trump, I felt it every day.
I'm a Democrat, they're Republicans. Healing the political divide will be America's next challenge.
Our decision to eliminate tipping during the pandemic is less about what will work and more about what is right.
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