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Pierre Trudeau

"I think the opportunities to access help are just not there for people in the north."
"There is no such thing as a model or ideal Canadian."
"I'm a principled man and I follow my principles no matter what."
"The challenge of the next generation is always to take what the previous generation offers you and make it suit the times we're in right now."
The news show misidentified a 'Sex And The City' star as Justin Trudeau's mother.
To attribute Justin Trudeau's ascendancy to a rock star phenomenon such as his father Pierre Trudeau experienced back in 1968 is to misread current Canadian politics. What happened, in fact, was less a cult of personality than a national plebiscite on the rule of the much-hated incumbent, Stephen Harper.
A vibrant democracy requires strong parties with clear and strong philosophical and ideological base coupled with able politicians willing to bring forth new ideas and challenge the status quo. Real change involves a change of attitude toward power and politics, politics is not just the means of attaining and maintaining power, it is the art and science of managing and transforming the society.
His mother was born in Vancouver, and later attended Simon Fraser University.
When Justin Trudeau was elected in 2008 it was clear to everyone that he could never be destined for the backbenches. They sat Justin Trudeau directly behind me in the House and for almost three years I got a ringside view of his development. His rhetoric, at times bawdy, nevertheless carried intensity in the Parliamentary chamber. I was asked more frequently than I could count whether he was the real deal or just his father's son. My answer was always the same: both.