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“We always hear about the trauma that is passed on through generations ... but we also have the bravery that is passed on."
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Sept. 30 marks International Podcast Day, honouring a decade-plus of "audioblogging," and wow, how podcasts have changed.
Many professionals emphasize networking and strategies to build networks, however, there is little focus on network maintenance. The best networks are the ones we can call on for support when needed. For example, are we comfortable asking for a favour from someone we spoke to once at a party a year ago? In this case, the quality of the relationship is more important than the number of contacts in the address book.
Would you have children knowing it would leave you with only three per cent of your sight? It sounds like one of those dark "would you rather" games you play when you're getting to know someone. In Victoria Nolan's case, it was a very real decision that left her depressed and feeling like she could not be a strong role model for her children.
As Canadians head into the Victoria Day long weekend (a week early, if you ask us), the highways across the country will
Highlighting five podcasts and some essential listening to help us better understand the world around us. This post was originally
Max Kerman, Arkells: Hey Bry! Please say 'Hello' to Mr. Aaron Goldstein for me. I read in another interview that you're really
We here at HuffPost Canada love podcasts. We listen to them during our commutes, download them while we're at our desks and try to squeeze a few more in while we're making dinner or before we head to bed. If you're still looking for a New Year's resolution may we suggest adding podcasts to that list. It's an easy way to add great stories to your life and maybe learn something new.