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polar bears

The findings are "not in alignment with scientific evidence," according to Environment Canada.
The bear was shot and killed by other adults.
They've begun to move north after following the ice and seals south this winter.
A Canadian photographer captured the video on Baffin Island.
Eight provinces and three territories signed the agreement.
Luckily, these attacks are still rare.
Canada's marine territorial waters measure 5.75 million square kilometres, equivalent to the combined area of India and Greenland. Collectively, Canada's coasts of the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic Oceans are more than 243,000 kilometres in length -- the longest of any country in the world.
Like many doom-mongers before him, Al Gore's predictions of impending disaster have fallen somewhat short of the mark -- a point to keep in mind as his Inconvenient Sequel hits theatres this summer. Take it all with a grain of salt.
Earwig (Photo from Wikimedia Commons) Eerie mommies Earwig moms keep their eggs warm, protect them from predators and clean
One of the most powerful tools of nature conservation in the 21st century is our ability to put the protection of Canadian species into a global context. By documenting Canadian species that are not just rare in Canada, but rare everywhere, we can better understand the role of Canadian conservation efforts in preventing global species extinctions.