A video posted on Instagram appears to show two police officers taking pictures with a dead body at Stanley Park's Third Beach.
No charges were laid against Jonathan Vance before he became defence chief.
Mass surveillance technology like Clearview's would not exist without demand from Canadian police.
Mamadi III Fara Camara was arrested on Jan. 28 in connection with an attack on a Montreal police officer.
Mayor Jeff Lehman said there will be full accountability of the incident.
Police launched an investigation after a witness called police to report a large party inside the downtown apartment.
The charges and suspensions stemmed from an investigation first launched in October 2019.
“On its own, being outside is not sufficient evidence of a failure to comply with the stay-at-home order."
The suspects — one 17 and one 19 — were arrested yesterday afternoon after surrendering to police.
Sgt. Andrew Harnett was killed during a traffic stop on New Year's Eve.