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VICTORIA - Vancouver New Democrat Jenny Kwan says she dipped into two personal lines of credit to pay $35,000 for family
Inventive but money-losing social enterprises plus complicated real-estate ventures drove PHS Community Services into a deficit
VICTORIA - British Columbia's NDP Opposition leader says his party is still figuring out the terms of caucus member Jenny
I'm hoping that whoever takes over for the executive director -- and for his other cronies who believe in their own sense of righteous importance and entitlement -- will look again at these programs with clearer eyes and sharper minds. I truly hope we will soon see some positive changes in this long-running DTES agency that has served a lot of needy people.
VANCOUVER - British Columbia New Democrat Jenny Kwan says she has reimbursed $35,000 after government audits revealed her
VANCOUVER - A New Democrat who represents a Vancouver riding has admitted she and her family took two trips cited in scathing
VANCOUVER - The board and senior managers of Vancouver's groundbreaking safe injection site have resigned amid concerns over
In my lengthy experience with addiction, both as a practicing addict and as a professional therapist, I've seen that controlled drinking and/or using just doesn't work because, as we who work in this field well know, addiction is a progressive condition that becomes worse over time.
Many extreme alcoholics on Vancouver's Downtown Eastside hardly ever drink beer or wine — instead they drink rubbing alcohol
A non-profit agency that provides social services to people living on Vancouver's Downtown Eastside is running a unique program