Post Mail Delivery

People in the affected areas will have to get mail from their local community mailbox. Canada Post says it is phasing out
The union representing Canada's postal workers is hoping the courts will reverse Canada Post's decision to stop delivering
What this means in plain English is that Canadians just are not buying enough stamps to keep Canada Post afloat, and, as its only shareholder, the government of Canada has to look at its options and make some tough decisions. Luckily for them, the union bosses' arch-nemeses are in power, so they are all too happy to put the blame on the governing Conservatives.
Canadians living in urban centres will no longer be provided door to door mail service. While many of us, from across the age spectrum, use the Internet, not all Canadians are "online." I am troubled by the government's decision to choose "cuts" rather than innovation to adapt to technological change. Like so many other cuts to government jobs and services, the Conservatives continue to emasculate the presence and role of the federal government, and in doing so, they loosen the threads that bind us together.
THE CANADIAN PRESS -- OTTAWA - Canadians can expect to find bills, letters and magazines filling their mailboxes once again
UPDATE: CTV News says it has learned that Labour Minister Lisa Raitt intends to push back-to-work legislation forward in