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It will propose implementation of Canada's first-ever official poverty line.
Jessie Golem has taken dozens of portraits of participants enrolled in Ontario's basic income pilot project, which was scrapped early by Premier Doug Ford's government.
"We need to have this conversation ... in a way that's civil and informed."
A society in which citizens and residents are valued as whole people is also a more productive society.
And about two-thirds of Canadians don't think governments are doing enough about poverty.
Having a clearly defined poverty line enables a government to set targets, such as reducing the prevalence of measured poverty.
Canadian statistics paint a shameful pipeline — from poverty, racism, low education, wage gaps, violence and addiction — to crime and incarceration.
Is health care the highest-return place for provincial governments to invest? Our analysis suggests the answer is "no."
It is clear that our inability to recognize "hidden homelessness" contributes to the denial of basic human rights and creates social exclusion.
Charity is simply not enough — governments also need to step up.