He'll be taking over from current Premier Stephen McNeil.
Brian Pallister begged Manitobans to follow the rules, even if they don’t like him.
The most popular premiers in Canada are in B.C. and Quebec.
Alberta's Jason Kenney is pressing for "vigorous federal economic stimulus measures."
The leaders urged Trudeau to host a first ministers meeting early in the new year.
Gender diversity has "measurably gone backwards," a professor says.
Women made up nearly half of Canada's provincial and territorial leaders in 2013.
For the longest time, a photo of the premiers assembled could be mistaken for a photo of a fraternity or a really unsuccessful boy band.
Government policy should seek to leverage the federalist tradition. This means more local experimentation, less central planning, and empowering provincial and local governments to advance provincial and local interests in their respective constitutional spheres without federal meddling or pressure to conform.
Canada's provincial and territorial leaders gather in Whitehorse to discuss trade, health, climate, and pensions.