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Price Fixing

A class-action lawsuit alleged TV manufacturers conspired to fix the prices of technology in conventional TVs.
Many companies have denied any wrongdoing.
The retailer is trying to make amends with customers for a bread price-fixing scheme.
The Supreme Court of Canada has allowed wiretap recordings from a criminal case to be used in a civil suit against a group
It is easy to bash banks (the NDP obsession), or telecommunications and internet service providers (the Tory preoccupation) but some competition already exists in both those sectors though more is preferable to less. In contrast, both parties miss obvious policy areas that could save consumers a small fortune -- but where prices are currently jacked up in favour of existing producers.
This app problem is just one skirmish in a long-brewing war between the ebook distributors. Consumers may not realize that ebook distributors have another weapon -- a dirty little secret actually -- to use in their fight: censorship. Yes, censorship.