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He did not rule out a full ban.
"None of us should hold our breath" on Tories' plan to fight climate change, the PM said.
Brenda Lucki will be the first woman to permanently take the helm of the RCMP.
The second-degree assault charge doesn't appear in court records.
Support for improving our animal protection laws is at an all-time high and Canadians no longer expect animals to be treated as an afterthought by politicians. Yet for an entire year, Canadian law has given animal abusers in Canada license to exploit animals for their own perverse sexual gratification.
A global survey found that Canadian products have seen the world's biggest spike in perception.
Perry told Jimmy Kimmel last month that he beat up the PM in school.
The man called himself a member of the "world alternative media.''
Canada has sent a powerful message that reverberates across all factions: Canada stands with Muslims. This is what M-103 accomplishes. And this is the kind of religious tolerance and inclusiveness that make Canada a model for diversity around the world.
The prime minister is trying to change the rules of the Commons to fit his schedule, interim leader Rona Ambrose charged.