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prime minister stephen harper

It comes as welcome news that Prime Minister Harper will visit Beijing next month. Harper should use the opportunity to signal his version of a "pivot" to Asia -- without the overtones of geopolitical positioning that invariably accompany U.S. foreign policy. An excellent way to do so would be to propose a Free Trade Agreement with China.
Is Stephen Harper's government really a leadership cult? When giant portraits of Harper appear in city squares and when Ottawa is renamed "Harperville," that's when I will worry about a leadership cult. (I would say, however, that there is a Harper leadership cult within the Conservative Party. But that's a different story.)
The Conservatives are using the same rationale to support their draconian contribution limits as the Liberals used to justify their undemocratic election gag law.
Interim NDP Leader Nycole Turmel is not catching on with Canadians who rate her poorly on her competence, vision and trustworthiness
From Prime Minister Stephen Harper: Today, Canadians join with the Libyan people in celebrating the liberation of their country
For this country's urban intelligentsia (the kind of people who think subsidizing Margaret Atwood books should take priority over buying military helicopters), a reduced CBC budget is more terrifying than a Don Cherry rant.
There are some among the privileged few who believe that they are entitled to use what has been created by and belongs to us all in order to profit themselves alone. The growing gap between the rich and the rest of us is the result of this belief and it is in the process of sinking economies around the world.
Mr. McGuinty, you have won the privilege to continue to lead a province with a large deficit during one of the worst times of global economic turbulence in recent history... er, wait... Congratulations, Mr. McGuinty! This victory means attempting to balance health-care spending and education costs ... No, that's not it.
Now the debate has inevitably begun as to what Canadians have to show for such a massive public investment in something as abstract as 'security.'
Prime Minister Stephen Harper spent the long weekend in New York City, taking in a Broadway show and a Yankee game. This