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The retailer won't say why it has asked certain customers for private information and not others.
It is now almost a pattern: every time we, as a human right organization or activist, write to government agencies inquiring about cases of Canadians detained abroad or of Canadians subject to abuse or possible discrimination, the governmental response will certainly contain somehow the issue of "privacy."
For some time, Canadians have been calling for answers from the RCMP and other police forces across Canada about the use of these invasive cellphone surveillance devices. Stingrays enable wholesale monitoring of our most intimate moments, and undermine our privacy and security.
OTTAWA — The federal privacy czar says there are instances when police may not need a warrant to obtain "very limited sets
Meanwhile, the company behind the adultery website is offering a $500,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of
OTTAWA — The federal privacy watchdog warns that searching online for information about pregnancy tests, liposuction or a
MONTREAL — Canada's privacy commissioner says Bell Canada has promised to delete all profiles that were created from tracking
Canadian police seek online and phone data from telecommunications companies in almost every criminal investigation, according
The Office of the Privacy Commissioner says it is not yet satisfied with Bell's commitment to seek customer consent before
Canada's privacy commissioner says Bell should seek customer consent to track their Internet, TV and phone call use to deliver