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private school

The Arkells' new music video - for their song entitled "Private School" - takes a jab at people who don't recognize privilege
While 58 per cent of us walked to school when we were kids, only 28 per cent of our kids are doing the same today across Canada. But I believe walking to school gives kids a sense of community. They get to know their route. Their neighbourhood, literally, becomes their stomping ground. It also teaches them to not be lazy and just jump in the car whenever they need to go somewhere.
Western radicalism appears to be triggered by an individual's feelings of alienation and a need for identity and purpose. Perhaps if Aaron Yoon, Ali Medlej and Xristos Katrisoubas had been able to attend schools where they felt welcomed and part of a larger community, they would be alive and well today.
Over the past few weeks and months, our website has seen a rise in information requests for private education. This rise in inquiries is on trend with what is occurring throughout Canada as more and more private schools are seeing an increase in applicants. Below, I have outlined some of the differences and similarities between private and public school education.
I remember the distress my father went through in trying to prevent me from being bullied by working through the proper school channels. Quite frankly, I don't have the same tolerance. I'm willing to pay for a school that, if nothing else, would foster a bully-free learning environment.
Is it naive for me to think that bell-curving doesn't happen at private schools? Perhaps. But at least I have control over the parent/teacher relationship, and I can call my daughters' teachers any time of the week. As a result, I know that an A grade was properly earned and that a C grade is no surprise.
I have fundraised, borrowed money, volunteered time and made numerous sacrifices over the past seven years to send my daughters to private school and I suspect that I will continue to do so over the next 10 years. So why do I do it? Very simply, I value the character formation of my daughters.