Privy Council Office

“There is some stuff in here that already raises some red flags.”
The PM says he's taking a personal interest in finding a solution.
The Privy Council Office asked Google 51 times to remove Harper material from its search results.
The Trudeau government is looking beyond the federal public service for executives to run some big departments, but is being
The new policy came into effect May 11 and does not apply to "communication products'' placed by previous governments.
No matter who becomes prime minister after Oct. 19, the incoming government will receive the most comprehensive policy briefing
A federal Liberal candidate says he was kicked out of an armoury by military officials in Nova Scotia, who he claims told him his presence at the crumbling heritage site was in violation of the Elections Act.
Emails in the Prime Minister's Office are at risk of disappearing forever, and need to be better monitored to prevent staff
OTTAWA - The Conservative government has quietly tightened the lid on federal cabinet secrets in an effort to prevent compromising
OTTAWA — The Prime Minister’s Office is taking heat for thousands in questionable lunch expenses, and the opposition parties