Progressive Conservative Party Of Ontario

Many of the long-term care industry’s lobbyists are also donors to Doug Ford’s party.
Teachers, please do not let the premier deny children their rights or their safety; Christians, please practice love, not hate.
Ford's defenders say his cabinet will include a balance of regional interests.
Given Doug Ford's record of lying and bullying, it's hardly surprising his slate of candidates think they can get away with anything under his leadership.
Doug Ford is afraid to take genuine questions from qualified reporters who might challenge him on ill-conceived and poorly thought-out election promises.
Maclean's said Rick Dykstra told them he "will be responding."
The new logo merges a red P and a blue C with a green leaf joining the two letters.
Last week, the release of Tim Hudak's Million Jobs Plan filled the news space about what Hudak's plan would and would not do. Predictably, a portion of that news cycle was committed to fear mongering and the spin the Liberals and NDP attempted to put on Hudak's plan. Indeed, even with Hudak's Million Jobs Plan laid out in detail, the NDP and Liberals have stuck to the narrative that Hudak's plan would result in the "firing" of 100,000 public servants.
It's hard to imagine how the Ontario Liberals thought they could create a budget to the left of the NDP and think the NDP would support it. Then again, the 21st century Ontario Liberals have never been good at working with other parties. Dalton McGuinty was used to getting his way -- in his days, he only had to answer to his Liberal Party and union buddies. Within a year of being elected with a minority government -- where he, appallingly, had to work with the PCs and NDP -- he resigned and fled to Harvard University. Kathleen Wynne has not been any better.
TORONTO - He's been gone from politics and stayed largely out of public sight for almost a decade, yet former premier Mike