Canadians share how they've processed pain from war, grief and abuse.
While crowds can leave me sobbing, social distancing feels like a miracle.
Traumatic calls add up, and we rarely discuss these incidents with co-workers, let alone a trained psychologist.
"These are large numbers that we cannot just discount."
There aren't a lot of qualified therapists in a town with a population of 500.
Krista Carle battled PTSD after allegedly being harassed daily while serving in the RCMP.
It's like a constant battle between the logical and irrational halves of my mind.
"It's not normal to pick up a limb from the highway."
Canadian veterans experience mental disorders at more than double the rate of those in the general population.
It starts with a tightness in my chest — like a rope that is being pulled from both ends around my lungs and heart.