public sector cuts

Treasury Board Secretary Tony Clement has repeatedly suggested that individual public sector wages and benefits are to blame for rising government costs. These cuts are part of a whiplash hire-and-fire cycle under successive Conservative and Liberal governments that have hurt public servants and their families.
OTTAWA -- The Conservative government won't be turning over any more documents to help Canada's budget watchdog discover
OTTAWA - Hundreds more federal government jobs appear to be on the chopping block, and more could be on the way. Nearly 1,500
OTTAWA - Union leaders representing more than 33,000 workers say Conservative budget cuts are threatening public safety, and
Union bosses are warning that "thousands" of public service sector employees will be receiving notices advising them that
OTTAWA - Government spending restraint and cuts will lead to balanced budgets but also slower economic growth and 100,000
OTTAWA - A second round of major cuts to the public sector is slicing off the hands that serve the public and the heads that
With the threat of cuts to public services and jobs looming, Canada’s largest unions are imploring Ottawa to reconsider its