Public Service Cuts

OTTAWA - The Conservative government has made it clear that curbing public service costs is a key part of its agenda as it
OTTAWA -- The Conservative government won't be turning over any more documents to help Canada's budget watchdog discover
OTTAWA - Hundreds more federal government jobs appear to be on the chopping block, and more could be on the way. Nearly 1,500
OTTAWA - Union leaders representing more than 33,000 workers say Conservative budget cuts are threatening public safety, and
While federal budget cuts are sending some public servants to the unemployment line, most of those keeping their jobs will
A fourth wave of job loss notifications washed over the federal public service Wednesday as the Conservatives appeared to
OTTAWA - Another 3,800 civil servants were told Monday that their jobs are on the line. Parks Canada took the biggest hit
Union bosses are warning that "thousands" of public service sector employees will be receiving notices advising them that
OTTAWA - Government spending restraint and cuts will lead to balanced budgets but also slower economic growth and 100,000
OTTAWA - The Conservatives' tough-on-crime agenda is weakened by federal budget cuts, the union representing border guards